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Clinical Services  

General child and adolescent psychiatry

  • -> Assessment and ongoing management of childhood psychiatric disorders
  • -> Provision of opinion and management plan to General Practitioners accredited for provision of mental health care (Medicare Item 291). This requires specific referral from your GP, however, not all patients are suitable for this service and a general assessment may be required first.
  • -> Consultation-Liaison: provision of support to other professionals managing the child (Clinical Psychologist, Paediatrician, School Psychologist, etc.) where psychiatric opinion deemed necessary. A GP referral is required in most cases.

Complex and multiagency presentations

  • -> ADHD assessments
  • -> Autism assessments
  • -> Opinion and Support for children who are clients of Disability Services, or under care of Child Protection Services
  • -> Multi-agency case conferences
  • -> School visits
  • -> Medico-Legal reports
  • -> Forensic assessments

Adult Psychiatry

-> Referrals for patients over 18 years of age will be assessed individually.

We do not provide Family Court assessments!

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