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Fees, Rebates, Forms and Questionnaires 

Information about the practice and a schedule of fees and rebates is available on request.

Most psychiatric services, including consultations with other people than the patient, case conferences and community visits benefit from Medicare rebates, which vary according to your Safety Net status.

Fees for complex assessments (autism, ADHD, educational support, medico-legal) are also based on the amount of time involved and will be explained on direct enquiry.

Services, such as telephonic or email consultations with you or external parties, including the issuing of letters, additional reports, or prescriptions outside appointment time, are not currently covered by Medicare rebates. If you opt to use such services, the relevant fee will show on the invoice at your next appointment.

It is the policy of this practice to have all accounts paid on the day and no further appointments can be made until the account has been paid in full.

Special consideration will be made for children and families experiencing financial difficulties. Please discuss directly with Dr Stefan.

Prior to your initial appointment we ask you to fill in, scan and forward the Patient Registration Form below to info@drjstefan.com.au

Patient Registration Form

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