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Emergency Contacts 

Please note:

Currently I do not have capacity to accept new patients. I expect to resume intake in November 2018.
If you can wait please contact my rooms at the beginning of October 2018 either via the web enquiry form or email at info@drjstefan.com.au
Alternatively I suggest the following:

* Please discuss with you referring doctor for suggestions regarding other psychiatrists.
* If your child is not already seeing a psychologist, then ask your GP for a referral to ensure your child has adequate monitoring and support while waiting for psychiatric assessment.
* Discuss with your local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service; strongly recommended if your referring doctor believes your child would require complex care or intervention form a multitude of professionals.

If your child's distress is acute and increasing, you will need to contact the Acute Response Team at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) or take your child to the nearest Emergency Department for an urgent assessment.

Princess Margaret Hospital
Phone: (08) 9340 8222
Acute Response Team: 1800 048 636

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